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For general information, email us at: info@brooklynbailfund.org

For press inquiries, email us at: press@brooklynbailfund.org

If you would like to volunteer with us, please fill out this form.

The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund is a member of the National Bail Fund Network and is proud to have served as the Network’s host from September 2016-October 2018.

The National Bail Fund Network works with community bail funds across the country, as well as with organizers and advocates interested in forming bail funds.  If you are interested in starting a bail fund or have questions about the Network, contact: network@communityjusticeexchange.org

Our Address

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
195 Montague Street, 14th Floor, Suite 1414
Brooklyn, NY 11201


By law, the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund can only pay bail for folks accused of misdemeanors, where the cash bail amount is $2,000 or less.  Currently, we only pay bail for individuals arrested in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island. If these parameters apply to you or someone you care about, and you need assistance with posting bail, please fill out this form.

If you are not sure of your loved one’s bail amount or would like more information on their bail visit this website.

If this is a case where we are unable to help, this know-your-rights guide can help you navigate the bail payment process in NYC, especially if you decide to use a commercial bail bondsmen.



Por ley, el Fondo Comunitario de Fianzas de Brooklyn solo puede pagar fianzas de hasta $2000 o menos para personas que son acusadas de delitos menores. Actualmente solo pagamos a individuos arrestados en Brooklyn, Manhattan, y Staten Island. Si usted o un ser querido cumple con estos parámetros, y usted necesita asistencia para pagar la fianza, llene este formulario.

Si usted no sabe cuánto es el valor de la fianza de su ser querido o quiere más información acerca de la fianza, ingrese a este sitio web.

Si este es un caso en el que nosotros no podemos ayudar, esta guía para conocer sus derechos le ayudará a informarse sobre el proceso para pagar una fianza en la ciudad de Nueva York, especialmente si usted decide usar un agente de fianzas comercial (commercial bail bondsman).