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We are a revolving community bail fund. We pool money to pay bail for fellow New Yorkers. As their cases are resolved, the bail we paid revolves back to the Fund, available to help other defendants in need. We do not require anything of the individuals for whom we pay bail nor do we have a prior connection to them, other than we all call New York City home.

The Fund builds on the tradition of community bail funds that formed over decades of organizing work. Funds take different forms and serve different populations. Like other Funds in New York, we operate under the New York Charitable Bail Act, which limits our work to paying bail in amounts of $2,000 or less for people charged with misdemeanors. Our goal is to serve as many New Yorkers as we can. We work with multiple referring agencies across boroughs, and with a range of social service provider partners. We’re currently one of the largest bail funds in the country, serving roughly 1,200 people annually.

We are proud of the work we do every day in New York City and our work with other community bail funds and organizers across the country. However, we hope our intervention is short-lived. We do not think that bail funds are the solution to the current two-tiered system of justice. We are dedicated to helping our community today but with an eye to the future and the need to abolish cash bail.